As you may know, I travel extensively between 50-60 global keynotes, various consulting engagements, and my writing efforts.  As such, in my travels, I come across some really interesting images and thought they may be of interest / value to you.  If nothing else, I tend to find them amusing.

Check out the "Winning Ways" posted in both English and Arabic, inside a high-end hotel bathroom supply closet door – the guy in the mirror was cleaning, and I couldn’t help but to wonder:

  • What "the right thing to do" was in the restroom;
  • Not sure I want anyone to show me "they care" in there;
  • Aiming is entirely your business – why do they want you to "aim higher;"
  • How exactly do you "celebrate difference: in the restroom?;
  • And wouldn’t people look at you if you started to "work better together" in there?

Joking aside, do you have good intentions, poorly placed?

Aiming higher,