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January 7th, 2008

Top 10 Tips For Effective LinkedIn Use

techtools_000.jpgIn January 2007, Guy Kawasaki wrote about “The 10 Ways to Use LinkedIn” on his blog. In it, he described how most people use LinkedIn to “get to someone” in order to make a sale, form a partnership, or get a job. At the time, the online network included an estimated 8 ½ million experienced professionals from 130 industries. (By the way, today LinkedIn is approaching 17 million users in 170 industries.)

reids_law_chart.jpgIt is interesting that his Top 10 list to increase the value of LinkedIn holds true a year later. As a recap, here are Guy’s Top 10 (with a few updated additions):

  1. Increase your visibility.
  2. Improve your connectability.
  3. Improve your Google PageRank.
  4. Enhance your search engine results.
  5. Perform blind and “reverse” company reference checks.
  6. Increase the relevancy of your job search.
  7. Make your interview go smoother.
  8. Gage the health of a company.
  9. Gage the health of an industry.
  10. Track start-ups.
  11. Ask for advice.
  12. Integrate into a new job.
  13. Scope out the competition, customers and partners.

Here is our Top 10 list for 2008 (well, Top 14):

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January 7th, 2008

The Value of Holiday Cards? – Again…

It has been a busy holiday season.

  • Total number of cards we received this year: 412.
  • Number of those that were impersonal (a standard message and company name pre-printed inside with a name printed on an address label): 337.
  • Cards received from people we don’t know: 146.
  • Duplicate cards from the same person/company: 8.
  • Cards that included life dissertations about second cousins, twice removed: 10.
  • Last minute e-cards sent by those who just didn’t quite make it to the mailbox (or who claimed they were being “green” by not sending cards this year): 52.
  • Value of the effort from many companies? Totally useless. Again.

Last January, I wrote an article about the self-imposed pressure to clog the U.S. mail system with what many believe is simply a nice gesture. Yet as you look around our office, as stacks of cards pile up on various desks, you have to wonder about their effectiveness. Read the rest of this entry »

January 4th, 2008

Management Must-Reads

From BNet Intercom by Jessica Stillman…

In business, as in life, the people who are the best at it are constantly learning. To this end, we here at BNET try and keep you up to date on the big ideas in business and point out worthy books that’ll keep you informed. And because it’s the start of a new year, some top management minds are offering their lists of best business books of 2007.Here’s Tammy Erickson’s list of must-reads from yesterday’s Huffington Post:

  1.  Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything” by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams, explores what the changing world of Internet-based technologies mean for business.

  2. Hot Spots: Why Some Companies Buzz with Energy and Innovation – and Others Don’t” by Lynda Gratton digs deeply into the human side of organizations

  3. In “Beyond HR: The New Science of Human Capital,” John Boudreau and Peter Ramstad tackle… how do we measure success?

  4. Off-Ramps and On-Ramps: Keeping Talented Women on the Road to Success” by Sylvia Ann Hewlett, builds on our body of knowledge about the preferences of the changing workforce by focusing on one important group in detail — professional women.

Erickson also suggests an oldie but goodie: 2004’s “The Future of Work: How the New Order of Business Will Shape Your Organization, Your Management Style, and Your Life,” by Thomas W. Malone, which “lays out an inspiring argument for re-thinking how corporations get work done.”For more ideas check out strategy + business’s Best Business Books 2007 or Business Week’s list of 10 titles not to miss from the year past.

January 4th, 2008

Create a WOW Virtual Conference – Week of Jan. 8th

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Create A WOW Virtual Conference held online at the week of January 8, 2008. A stellar group of experts will share insider knowledge and wisdom to help kick-start any business and create a WOW online. Classes include:

  • How to Get The Most out of the Create a Wow Conference – Rory Cohen
  • Create a WOW with Article Marketing – Marnie Pehrson
  • Writing Successful PPC Ads – Karon Thackston
  • You Name It! How to Create a Successful Brand – Phillip Davis
  • SEO Copywriting Strategies: Writing With Keywords – Karon Thackston
  • How to Use Press Releases to Get Visitors to Your Web Site (and get some publicity to boot – Michele PW
  • How to Make Your Web Site Go Ka-ching! – Michele PW
  • How to Use Joint Ventures and Alliances to Grow Your Small Business – Janis Petit
  • Shopping Cart Basics – Christina Hills, aka The   Shopping Cart Queen
  • Is Blogging the Best Darn Marketing Tool on the Planet? – The Blog Squad(tm)
  • Relationship Marketing Using LinkedIn – David Nour
  • Discover How to Make Tens of Thousands of Dollars by Hosting Teleseminars – Kathleen Gage
  • Zap Negativity – Turn Yesterday’s Doubts into Tomorrow’s Success – Hazel Palache, MFC, MCCht, CNLP
  • Insider Secrets to Self-Publishing – Marnie Pehrson

Hope you’ll log on and invest in your personal and professional development.  Best, David

January 4th, 2008

Return on Image!

Interesting quote I saw today:

“Dress is the outward expression of a man’s state of mind, and it is his attire that tells the world what he thinks of himself.” ~ Pearl Binder

January 3rd, 2008

2007 Best in Leadership Development

The gurus who make the Excellence 100 list today possess a rare combination of traits and abilities. Here are the eight criteria:

  1. Preparation: academic and professional.
  2. Character: values, ethics, beliefs, purpose, mission, integrity, walk the talk.
  3. Principles: big message, point of view, tenets, main points.
  4. Personality: charisma, style, originality, authenticity, one of a kind.
  5. Performance: inspiring action, real-world performance, work ethic.
  6. Experience: beyond local and regional, more national and international.
  7. Expression: substance and style in writing, speaking, coaching, consulting, mentoring, training, or teaching.
  8. Influence: difference, results, change, transformation.

The 2007 – 2008 Excellence 100

Top 20

  1. Gary Hamel
  2. Dave Ulrich
  3. James Collins
  4. Warren Bennis
  5. Tom Peters
  6. Barbara Kellerman
  7. James Kouzes
  8. John P. Kotter
  9. Marshall Goldsmith
  10. Noel Tichy
  11. Clayton Christensen
  12. Peter Block
  13. Kevin Cashman
  14. Jack Zenger
  15. Ram Charan
  16. Peter Senge
  17. James Loehr
  18. Michael Porter
  19. Marcus Buckingham
  20. Meg Wheatley


  1. Norm Smallwood
  2. Bill George
  3. James O’Toole
  4. Max Bazerman
  5. Jay Conger
  6. C.K. Prahalad
  7. Ichak Adizes
  8. William C. Miller
  9. Rosabeth Kanter
  10. Gifford Pinchot
  11. Carly Fiorina
  12. Bill Isaacs
  13. Nicholas Negraponte
  14. Morgan McCall, Jr.
  15. Jay Conrad Levinson
  16. Michael Treacy
  17. Kevin & Jackie Freiberg
  18. Jack Welch
  19. James Champy
  20. Rob Lebow


  1. Chip Bell
  2. Dan Goleman
  3. Renee Mauborgne
  4. Beverly Kaye
  5. Jeff Snipes
  6. Ken Blanchard
  7. Eileen McDargh
  8. Nathaniel Branden
  9. David Allen
  10. Judith Glaser
  11. David Nadler
  12. Phil Geldart
  13. Libby Sartain
  14. Barry Conchie
  15. Nigel Nicholson
  16. Bill Byham
  17. Edward E. Lawler III
  18. Charles Garfield
  19. Josh Bersin
  20. Joseph Grenny


  1. Jon Katzenbach
  2. Richard Chang
  3. Michael G. Winston
  4. Joel Barker
  5. Frances Hesselbein
  6. Karl Albrecht
  7. Malcolm Gladwell
  8. Patrick Lencioni
  9. Andre Martin
  10. Michael Hammer
  11. Edgar Schein
  12. Lois Zachary
  13. Spencer Johnson
  14. Christopher Rice
  15. Barry Posner
  16. Michael Feiner
  17. Ira Chaleff
  18. Jeff Sonnenfeld
  19. Anne Mulcahy
  20. Tom Crum


  1. James Cabrera
  2. Michael Quigley
  3. Vijay Govindarajan
  4. Dianna Booher
  5. Larry Bossidy
  6. Lance Secretan
  7. Robert Kaplan
  8. Dede Henley
  9. Ian Mitroff
  10. Bill Adams
  11. Stephen R. Covey
  12. Phil Harkins
  13. Terry Bacon
  14. Joseph Jaworski
  15. Rudy Giuliani
  16. Richard Leider
  17. Richard Whiteley
  18. Steven Smith
  19. Brian Tracy
  20. Ken Shelton