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2013 Social & Mobile Innovation Webinar Series

Dear MIC Friends,

If you were one of over 200 member companies able to join us at the most recent MIC Communications Symposium in Carson, CA, for "Inroads to the Future XIV," you experienced a high point in our year. Not only did we get to further enrich our relationships with and amongst our members, we also got the opportunity to articulate industry and consumer challenges and work together to improve consumer experiences.

One of the thought provoking sessions was a highly engaging and entertaining keynote and workshop by growth strategist, international speaker, and best-selling author, David Nour on Return on Impact. A motorcycle enthusiast himself, Nour encouraged everyone to embrace social strategy and develop a robust and consistent social networking presence to nurture relationships and improve consumer experiences. Additionally, Nour urged attendees to focus on quality as opposed to quantity, and to anticipate customer needs and then exceed them.

The MIC Board and I are delighted to invite David back to share his insights in the following six, one-hour long webinar sessions on social market leadership. This series is available to MIC Members only. To help offset a portion of the costs, we are asking for a fee of $50 per person. One $50 fee reserves a spot at all six webinar sessions. After you register, you will be receiving a separate communication to help facilitate the fee payment.

I hope you'll make time to join us.

With my best,

Tim Buche, MIC President

Blogging, Content Curation and Online Best Practices

Building long-term relationships is the paramount goal of customer-centric dealers, aftermarket providers, and OEMs. The most powerful methods of building relationships and impacting customer education and engagement are personal interaction, word of mouth, and testimonials. Blogs address these in a low-cost, simple, and direct way with substantial value to the producer of compelling content, while remaining interesting and informative for the broad base of current and prospective motorcycle enthusiasts.


Why You Should Get More Proactive on Twitter, Now!

140 characters - that's all the space you get to answer a simple question: "What Are You Doing?"  What began as a simple idea has spread like wildfire, as an estimated 300 million users - from celebrities to corporate brands and motorcycle enthusiasts alike - have expanded the idea to what they're thinking, what they're reading, what they find of interest and value.  So how does this apply to your growth strategy and why you need to get proactive on Twitter now?

This one-hour webinar was focused on a look inside Twitter for Business best practices to help the audience listen louder - to an intelligent market, full of insightful ideas and best practices.  This session covered how to build a branded Twitter page, how to follow and build a following intently, extending your brand online via this real-time interaction platform, how to offer customer service, engage a broad based audience in an active community, how to join Twitter groups, create hashtags for your next event, and drive exponential traffic and awareness to your web site, blog, and overall marketing gravity.

Leveraging Facebook for Business

With an estimated 1 billion+ users, Facebook is THE most prevalent social networking site in the world!  Are your dealer, aftermarket, OEM and particularly, end customer relationships on Facebook? You'll never know until you ask, create a campaign, and aim to engage and influence - their thinking and call to action.

For many individuals, Facebook is providing a human element or in essence a “face” to their online presence.  Our pictures, activity updates, circle of friends, causes we care about, all are helping others get a more holistic view of not only what we do when we work, but who we really are – including that which we find interesting, how we like to play, and those who are around us!

This one-hour webinar took a look inside Facebook for Business best practices to help you create awareness, engage a broader audience than you may have in the past, design, develop, and deliver very targeted campaigns with specific calls to action. We reviewed customizing strategies, applications to extend your reach, as well as Facebook Insights - analytics to really understand what's working and what you should do differently.

The Power of Internet Video to Engage & Influence

You know all about YouTube: more than 2.5 billion views each day, one of the top sites on the Internet and so on. Did you know that YouTube is just one of the other 48 video distribution websites? Video is powerful, it's engaging, and most who view a compelling video tend to forward it, share it, or comment about it to their relationships.

This one-hour webinar was focused on how to tell more compelling stories, create video storyboards, and learn about tools to capture and quickly edit videos, get them online, tag and describe them effectively which dramatically contributes to your search effectiveness, and build a channel to organize your video assets. For the more advanced attendees we covered embedding video in your blogs, in various content marketing channels, and strategies to leverage video to expand your thought and practice leadership.

Slideshare, Pinterest, and other Emerging Technologies You Need to Understand to Grow Your Business is the YouTube of presentations. Search almost any company, industry, or topic of interest and you're likely to uncover interesting insights about what moves their needle! Pinterest is the fastest growing social network at the moment with more click-through than Facebook with a fraction of the user base. These are examples of applications that are dramatically altering how people search for information, what they find of interest and value, and how they make purchasing decisions - not just for products or services but also for credible information.

During this one-hour webinar we explored emerging technologies you need to understand to transform your thinking about online relationships from perhaps doing nothing today or even being reactive, to considerably more proactive, predictive and even intuitive. We reviewed several recent trends in social applications most relevant to motorcycle professionals and highlighted trends you'll see and hear more about in 2013 and beyond.

Friday, July 12 | Noon Pacific (3 PM Eastern)

Smart Touchpoints, Mobile Experiences, and Mobile Apps

Touchpoints are all the places that your company touches its current and prospective relationships: website, brochures, ads, emails, etc. Dumb touchpoints are inflexible, unchanging, and nonresponsive. A smart touchpoint is one that can sense what the consumer of that information does and responds appropriately.

How we interact with websites and applications on our desktop is very different than what we need from our mobile experiences. There are form factor constraints, data bandwidth challenges, and size limitations. But there are also numerous opportunities for innovation such as Natural User Interface (NUI) - the way we double click or expand an image on a smartphone or a tablet.

Having discussed transforming your touch points to SMART sensors, creating unique and highly differentiated mobile experiences for different types of clients, it's time to turn our attention to existing mobile apps in the motorcycle industry.

Mobile offers the power and promise to help you transform your touchpoints, create unparalleled experiences, and compelling mobile apps. Join us for this one hour session to understand how to leverage this knowledge to innovate customer experiences.



















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